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What we serve up

Creativity is the bloodstream of what we do. All our team are creative thinkers, doers and are up to date with generational trends, fashion, food and interiors. Vibe makers and buzz shakers we lovingly craft designs that put a smile in your guests mind no matter what the touchpoint.

Brand is everything. We are not talking logos, we are talking the look and feel, the emotional connection and most importantly the culture which drives the service. Purpose driven brands with clear identifiable propositions build deep connections and demand.

Concept creation

We have worked with operators and founders to create concepts from the bottom up through to the financial model. Using deep consumer insights and trends and with a keen eye on the commercials we have helped to deliver global and small independent concepts to market that have gone on to deliver exceptional returns and outperformed their business plans.

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Branding and positioning

For those with a strong concept, or even a failing product, we provide branding and positioning to articulate the vision of the owner and connect with the audience. An identity is nothing without a brand, especially for your recruitment and culture and a business plan positioned correctly maximising revenue and defines your gap amongst your competitors.

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A branding process you will love

Our approach to branding is immersive and in-conjunction with as wide a team of stakeholders as possible which is facilitated and creatively directed. It's a fun and challenging process that unlocks significant value in your business model. Our brand process output covers every aspect of your brand including employee purpose, vision, mission, values, identity, guest journey and guidelines all wrapped up in branded book for everyone to learn and follow.

Creative identity production

Got a strong brand and looking to define or reestablish your identity. Logo, colourways, tone of voice, art direction. We will build you a striking identity to meet your brand and get you the stand out and recognition your deserve in the marketplace.

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Design studio

Every touchpoint in your customer's experience counts. We can deliver the day to day requirements for creative ideas, menus, print, social campaigns, graphics and animations, crafted in our design studio and delivered by specialist hospitality creatives.

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cab Hospitality is a safe pair of hands. From the moment we started working together, Horsted Place has gone from strength to strength. Our brand was in need of an update and cab stepped in and made their mark; it’s elevated, premium and beloved by everyone - thanks for all your hard work!

Gregor Ritchie - Director Optimum Hotel & Leisure Management - Horsted Place Hotel


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