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The technology and the integrations you deploy around your business form your ecosystem. Ecosystems are notoriously constructed over time and can quite easily end up with duplications, misalignment, multiple tools and areas where one product won't talk to another effectively.

We understand the need to use best in class software in the areas of your business, but we aim to put CRM at the very heart, align your systems to ensure the right features are being used in the right places, at the right time and harmonise connectivity between the systems in the very best way to improve your internal efficiencies.

Hospitality Marketing Platform

There is no such thing as the perfect all in one system for the perfect price. That's why we have devised an ecosystem of products from partners you will trust that we can deliver as one integrated solution. For startups this can be the perfect roll out to build upon over time.

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Hospitality Website

Website builder and CMS

Our website builder for hospitality is second to none. Running on the most secure enterprise platform and with a simple back office administration your team will enjoy, you'll be creating beautiful and creative pages in minutes. Packed with features including a gifting platform the website is setup to your specific needs and integrated into your web booking engine with powerful SEO functionality. There is no page cost or cost per visit - just one monthly low cost fee.

Build unique pages in minutes

All your pages are constructed using our unique simple drag and drop elements. From dynamic panels with movement, video, text, typeface and sizes are all built to suit your needs and your brand.

Packed full of features

Your platform comes with an ever expanding and improving ranges of functions and features. From events listings, news areas, planners, direct booking panels, gift voucher portal and so much more your platform just gets better and better.

Super secure and managed

Enterprise level security and a monthly SLA ensure your platform is GDPR compliant and you are covered in the eventuality of an attack or systems go down.

Don't settle for a website - get a Hospitality Website Builder

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Hospitality CRM

Customer Relationship Management

At the very heart of everything we do is CRM. Having one store of truth for your guest records allows sophisticated marketing actions to occur that get you closer to your guests and sales.

Drive more inbound sales

Understand your prospective guest at every stage of the purchase process. Manage abandonments, uncover attribution sales cycles, automate processes for your sales teams and RFP's and understand how this stacks up against your social media and analytics.

Personalised loyalty drives repeat sales

Categorise your guests by purchase behaviour, digital interactions, habits, interests and brand touchpoints. Create relevant, remarkable and rewarding communications with your loyal guests that drives them back to repurchase.

Sales team RFP management

For large bookings, weddings or corporate sales teams need an interface. For smaller companies this can often be an expensive fee for limited use of software or hard to manage in a spreadsheet. Hospitality CRM comes with a sales pipeline, lead scoring and full sales CRM with auto appointment booking as standard.

Get a big heart at the centre of your ecosystem

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Hospitality Integrations

3rd Party integration and development

Integrating 3rd party systems is a huge part of your hotech stack and it's not easy as many systems still don't have a modern API. Making the most of these systems means making sure they look onbrand with your brand and experience, that the back office data is consolidated into the heart of the CRM and you can make the most of the integration to fire off another part of your ecosystem to improve efficiency and guest experience.

We have 20 years of working with just about every system in the market, pushing them to do the things our clients want them to do and ensuring the buyer or guest experience isn't compromised.

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cab Hospitality have become a great extension to our team, driving incredible leads to the site, as well as creating a client portal to elevate our B2B offering and create a simplified journey for business orders.

Michael Latchem - Managing Director - Cafe du Monde

increase in website users

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