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Reduce commission rates

OTA's, comparison sites,  directories, affiliates are all indirect channels that need to be managed. There is always a price to pay for acquisition but once occupancy and income is established it's time to start reducing the fees you pay in commission to improve your bottomline. Direct booking strategies once implemented can drive average CPA below 9%.


9% CPA

Direct booking strategy for hotels

Rational searches are usually based on location, reviews and price where as emotional purchases are made on brand, recognition and desirability. The demand for your geographic and the positioning of your offer will determine the cost saving you can achieve from a direct booking strategy for rooms, restaurants, weddings, meetings and leisure. We help hotels to not only drive up occupancy, but reduce their commission rates as well.

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Put more money back on your tables

Direct booking strategy for restaurants

For restaurants cutting out the middleman cost and driving direct search whilst building guest loyalty for direct repeat bookings is the recipe for reduction in acquisition fees. We bring together search, press, social fame, CRM, booking portals and ePOS to drive direct bookings and unique guest experiences that are part of your brand and build loyal guests.

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