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Cab stands for ‘Creative and Brand’, making creativity truly part of our very core.

From gorgeous brochures to digital ads, signage, A-boards and more, the Cab Hospitality team will deliver incredible designs and memorable creative that defines your brand.

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Everything starts with creativity

Creativity looks a little different to everyone, but one thing everyone can agree on is when something really speaks to them. Especially in the hospitality industry. Great creative is what introduces you to a brand, what sparks your interest and draws you in, and what sticks in your mind when thinking of a place to book.

Working with us, our clients will have access to our hospitality design studio, with over 20 years experience in producing impressionable and strong designs for hospitality businesses. From attention-grabbing A-boards that draw customers in, to thoughtful menu designs, striking brochures, indoor and outdoor signage, and digital and print advertisements, our team can help you to conceptualise an idea and then bring it to life.

If your brand is struggling with identity or needs a refresh, we also provide branding services to help you discover who you are, or fall in love with your brand identity again. From name through to identity colours, fonts and tone of voice, our expertise and creative conceptualisation can assist you along the way.

Design with purpose

The Cab Hospitality creative approach stems from a deep understanding of who you are, what you do and what you want to offer. We will work alongside each client to discover everything we can about you and the assistance you require from us. From there, we will tailor a comprehensive brief to begin the design stages. Relevant briefs will be sent to our designers, content writers and management to ensure every design eye is firmly on the ball. Every step of the process will be expertly checked and proofed to ensure no unnecessary delays and deadlines are always achieved.

From concept to creation and the delivery of your creative, the Cab Hospitality team will take the utmost care to adhere to your requirements, upholding brand identity and ensuring the brief is met accurately. Creative with Cab is as simple as ABC.

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Stand out from the crowd

Creative Services


Great brands are identifiable within seconds and branding is perhaps one of the most memorable things about a business. Brand comprises colour, look and feel, tone of voice and all the little elements and details that make you identifiable. Working with us, we can help rejuvenate your existing brand or offer our services to create an entirely new brand identity for your business.

Menu Design

The design of a menu is just as important in reflecting the personality of your website and your business. A menu designed by Cab Hospitality will be crafted with conversion in mind to drive more upsells and increase guest spend. Allow us to assist with capturing and conveying your brand and personality to increase guest spend with a menu you will be proud to show off.

Signage Design

Indoor and outdoor signage is incredibly important, providing valuable personality and atmosphere to your business. The Cab Hospitality design team has over 20 years of experience and understands how great signage prompts more interest and bookings. Allow us to personify your brand and point people in the right direction with custom signage design.

Logo Design

Let’s face it, you can always spot your favourite brands’ signs from a mile away. The iconic red and yellow arches or the identifiable green of your favourite coffee draws you in and captures your attention. Allow our design team at Cab Hospitality to craft a logo that reflects your brand’s personality and becomes the new face of your business.

Brochure Design

Brochure design showcases your private dining, wedding packages, corporate meetings and beyond. Great brochures evoke strong feelings and show guests your brand identity and personality directly in their hands, helping them to visualise an event with you.

Brochure design with us will drive sales and enquiries, deliver a strong brand identity and help audiences learn more about what you offer.

Proud Partner For Over 20 Years

Beast London

The team at cab Hospitality really understand Beast. Their investment in the brand and it's success is clear to see every step of the way and we wouldn't know where we'd be without them.

Margo Bofil Buhova - Marketing Director - Beast Restaurant

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