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Nestled away along a small country village high street lies the home of cab Hospitality, your go to restaurant marketing firm. We are different from other marketing agencies as we are purely focused on driving success for hospitality businesses. The world of hospitality is our passion. We use our unique LIFEcycle model to provide a host of effective restaurant marketing solutions to restaurants across the globe to deliver the desired success. We make your KPIs our KPIs and work with you to deliver the results that you want - whether that be increased covers, a shift in audience demographic, a recruitment drive, increased average spend or anything else you may require!

LIFE Cycle

Our team of restaurant marketing experts deploy our tried and tested LIFE Cycle approach to drive your success. By utilising this approach we can be sure to reach audiences in different stages of the funnel with different channels. When targeting people in the ‘Locate’ stage, we are using channels such as organic search to market to those actively searching for your restaurant. The ‘Inspire’ stage is about marketing to people who fit your target audience, but are not in the market to book currently. An example of this is a brand awareness campaign on paid social media. The ‘Focus’ stage of the LIFEcycle is all about optimising for current website users or restaurant visitors to get them to book or spend more when in the physical experience. For example, optimising your website to increase bookings and covers. With ‘Engage’ we aim to generate more repeat bookings from people who have booked previously, for example we could use CRM and email marketing to achieve this.


How do your customers locate you when they are looking for you?


How do you inspire your target audiences to want your brand?


How do you convert more prospects into sales?


How do you get your guests to become repeat visitors, brand advocates and recommend your product?

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Digital Marketing For Restaurants

In the modern day, digital marketing plays a huge role in restaurant marketing strategies. The majority of people use the internet on a daily basis so it is key that restaurants have a strong online presence. This will increase brand awareness and ultimately increase the amount of bookings your restaurant will get.

The first stage of having a digital marketing strategy is to have a website, and not just any website. You need a website that is built to drive conversions so you can see an uplift in restaurant bookings. Our website builder is designed with hospitality in mind and is crafted for restaurants to reflect their brand, personality, experience and drive bookings. We then need to drive more traffic to your website. SEO is a great way to capture people who are actively searching for restaurants online. They are looking to book, and you need a presence when they are searching! Search Engine Optimisation does take time to yield results, whereas PPC is a quick win channel. With PPC you bid on keywords and appear at the top of the results page when a user makes the search, and only pay when someone clicks on your ad. We have experience managing Google Ads for restaurants to ensure they have maximum visibility, low cost per click and drive bookings. Social media marketing is also a key part of the modern day marketing mix for restaurants. We can help you with your social media management, whether you are looking to grow your organic channels or run paid advertising. We support restaurants with CRM and email marketing campaigns, which are a great way to keep users engaged with your brand. With the right execution, email marketing can be a great way to drive repeat customers. We also offer PR services to run campaigns across the country - this is a great way to increase your brand awareness and get more exposure both online and offline.

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Offline Marketing For Restaurants

Offline marketing remains an integral part of a restaurant marketing strategy - even though the growth in digital marketing importance has been massive. This is why we don’t overlook the importance of offline marketing. A crucial part of offline marketing is branding. We offer restaurant branding services so you can accurately reflect your brand to your target audience. Having a strong brand is the foundation of your business and your marketing efforts are aligned to this. Our creative team will transform your brand and will not leave a stone unturned from creating brand guidelines, to logo design and uniform design. Our design studio is always ready to generate creative ideas for your business to help you drive more bookings and increase guest spend, from menu design to restaurant design.

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No restaurant is too small

We have experience working with restaurants of all shapes and sizes. The size of your restaurant doesn’t put us off - we thrive off helping restaurants exceed their potential! From global restaurant chains, to independent restaurants, we can use our knowledge to take your business to the next level. Our restaurant marketing packages can be customised to suit the needs of your business. Contact us today to start your journey.

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